What is SmartGarage?

Established in 2021, by co-founders Ivaylo and Dimitar, SmartGarage is the realisation of a lifelong dream: to establish a highly functional, well respected vehicle repair shop. Our work ethic is based upon three predicates. First, we believe in the power of customer service. Thus we strive to provide every client with the care and attention that they deserve. This creates happy customers and in the long run establishes a loyal customer base. Second, no repair shop is complete without its team of experts. We have hired only the best mechanics, and led by our chief Smart Expert Ivan, our team is capable of completing any repair within a week. Don't think that this is an estimate, here at SmartGarage we guarantee that any repair is completed within a week! Finally, we believe in seeing the workplace and our colleagues as family, this is why at SmartGarage every client can experience a relaxed professional environment where they can rely on 100% transparency from our team. We look forward to seeing you at SmartGarage very soon!

The SmartGarage Team

Ivaylo Zhelyazkov


Ivaylo's extensive experience in the hospitality industry made him the natural choice for a leader of the SmartGarage familiy. His positive outlook on life and can-do attitude makes him a pleasure to be around. He is at SmartGarage daily, ready to answer any concerns that our clients might have.

Dimitar Donev

Customer support

Dimitar is a hard-working and relaxed individual, who has extensive experience in coordinating people. His goal at SmartGarage is to make every client feel the attention and care they deserve. Find Dimitar at SmartGarage daily or contact him directly.

Ivan Ivanov

Chief Mechanic

With more than 40 years of experience, Ivan Ivanov, or Bai Ivan as we lovingly call him, is one of the most experienced vehicle repair engineers out there. Even after all this time, he has not lost his passion nor his humor. Find Bai Ivan daily at SmartGarage, he is not hard to miss, just follow his jolly laugher, it cannot be mistaken.

SmartGarage has repeatedly won awards for best service and treatment of its customers. We pride ourselves with the work we do for our community. Last year, we held multiple fundraisers for childern in need and managed to gather enough money to renovate the libraries of 2 local schools.
Our experts are not only there to fix your vehicle. They are always happy to share their extensive experience and teach you how to better take care of your vehicle. Do not hesitate to stop for a cup of coffee and chat with our staff about any issues that you might be experiencing when taking care of your vehicle.
Our resident expert Bai Ivan has developed a comprehensive checklist that every car needs to go through upon inspection. You wouldn't belive the things other repair shops miss when inspections are rushed and incomplete. We have saved many a vehicle under the watchful, diligent eye of Bai Ivan. Visit us to get your own copy of our checklist, which you can reference if you ever need a comprehensive check of the functionality of your vehicle.
If you are ever unsure about which part you may need for your vehicle, just write us a quick message with your query. Our access to spare part providers (both new and second hand) combined with years of experience will guarantee that we suggest the best and most affordable parts for your vehicle! Contact us below!